care360 1 Quest Diagnositics announced today that computer users of their Care360 ePrescibing program can now use the iPhone and iPod touch to prescribe medications and look at lab results for their patients. They are also offering a six month risk free trial to healthcare providers. The app is called Care360 Physician Portal.

Here is how the promotion breaks down per their website and some more information about the product:

1) Sign an ePrescribing contract, complete installation and training before 12/18/2009.

2) Use ePrescribing for 6 months — and make no payments.

3) If you decide to continue using ePrescribing, pay just $60 to cover your 6-month trial period (that’s half the normal fee), after which you’ll be billed the normal rate of $20 per month, per ordering physician. If you decide to stop using ePrescribing, simply cancel and pay nothing.

The ePrescribing component of Care360 Labs & Meds offers you the ability to order renewals and new scripts electronically, 24/7. It provides you with instant patient eligibility verification, tiered formulary alternatives and access to a patient’s medication history. ePrescribing will reduce the amount of time you spend writing scripts and calling or faxing the pharmacy, freeing you up to spend more time with your patients."

The app also allows you to look up lab results on your patients. The app itself is free, but in order to use it you need to set up an account. If you use their ePrescribing platform on your practices computers, this sounds like a pretty good deal. There are also incentives being offered by Medicare to switch to electronic platforms such as this, depending on your state.

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care360 2

Their website can be found here. The app’s iTunes link can be found here. Note: The pictures are from their website and not from our patients.