zepherella_logotype Zepherella is an online company with an innovative online healthcare billing system that makes payment transactions between healthcare providers and patients easier.

Continue on for our take on the possible implications to healthcare providers.

According to Zepherella’s website:

Zepherella is an online service that creates a new kind of relationship between physicians and patients who pay for their own healthcare. We base our concept on no-surprise healthcare care pricing for the patient and no-surprise payment for the doctor. Because our system guarantees that registered Zepherella patients have the funds to pay for a visit before they show up, doctors are freed from the administrative costs of collections and bad debt. Our system also lets patients know what their visit will cost when they request an appointment – and it allows the practice to set a discount for their Zepherella patients. With financial surprises gone, both the patient and the doctor can focus on one thing: health and wellness.

TMCnet is reporting that Zepherella is attempting to bring their web based billing service to the iPhone. They are conducting a pilot release of the technology and anticipate releasing the mobile technology in the future. Currently the service is for the uninsured, but Zepherella is working on a service for insured patients. This sounds like a great idea because patients are often in the dark about the costs of certain healthcare, as well as some physicians. This will help keep both parties better informed, especially in the current environment where increasing numbers are losing their employer based healthcare insurance.

This will also save time for a practice. In most practices, if a patients insurance does not cover a procedure or test it must be explained to the patient in detail by a nurse or even a physician. As many of us who have done the explaining know, this can take a lot of time and it can be awkward as well. Patients often feel put on the spot when this talk occurs and if they had a better idea ahead of time it would definitely make things easier on them. Time is money, especially in a big practice, and this app could help save some of both.