Courtesy of, we’ll be giving away one free copy of their AnatomyLab Application (usual price is $9.99). We just reviewed this app in our prior post, and from our review you can tell it’s not just an app for students, but can be used by a host of healthcare providers. You can find it in the iTunes App Store here. To participate in the giveaway there are a few simple steps.

1) Post a comment on any of the App reviews or posts on this site. It doesn’t have a deep eloquent post about changing healthcare, anything will do as long as it’s not offensive.
2) Send us an email with a copy of your comments. You can post multiple comments but we’ll still count them as one. We will only use your email to contact you if you won the giveaway, nothing else.
3) The winner will be chosen randomly. If the winner doesn’t respond to our email within 3 days we’ll pick another winner.
4) The contest will end August 15th, at 11:59PM ET.

You can even comment on this post answering some of the following questions: What Apps would you like us to review? What are the apps you use the most? What impact is mobile technology having on healthcare?

Good luck!

-iMedical Apps Team