WebMD has launched a new app directed towards health care providers. Medscape is a free app and was launched a few days ago. I like this app because of it’s speed. It’s great for looking up med dosages (adult vs. peds, etc), interactions, and pricing. If you’d rather not wait a few extra seconds for Epocrates to load in order to look up a simple drug dosage, then you should try this app. I found the user interface to be nice and quick.

Medscape has a CME section and a medical news section, which I didn’t find as useful. There is also a section where you can look up nearby hospitals, physicians, and pharmacies. The only downside I could find for this app is they ask for you name, email address, etc before you can use it. I fudged most of that information though and it took me just a few minutes to set up. Medscape has a nice interactive website set up here.