Speed Bones MD (v.1.2) is an app that helps you practice and memorize skeletal anatomy. It’s very similar to to Speed Muscles MD (v1.1), except with a skeletal focus. You can check out the Speed Muscles MD review by scrolling below or clicking here (The reviews are similar). This app allows you to rapidly review skeletal structures in an entertaining fashion. You can use it to practice or you can use it to compete with friends in game mode. This is the full version, which costs 99 cents, as compared to the free Speed Bones Lite app. I’ll detail the difference in the full and lite versions later in this review.


*Good way to practice your anatomy on the go.

*Zoom feature is great(refer to picture)

*Particularly useful for memorizing the wrist(trapezium, lunate, etc) , ankle bones (calcaneus, cuneiform,etc), and vertebra structures. These can be found in levels 3,4,8,9, and 11.

*Biggest advantage of the full version vs. Lite is you have access to key head and neck skeletal structures, such as where some Cranial Nerves exit in the skull (key for gross anatomy practicals)

*Game mode makes it fun to practice, allows you to compete with friends, and also review the bones you missed.

*18 different levels, anywhere between 5 to 17 bones per level.

*Nicely priced at 99 cents, compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.

Improvements that could be made:

*An option to slow the time limit given per bone, especially in practice mode

*Label the different levels by skeletal groups, instead of numerically. This would make practice mode a lot easier.

*Possible integration with key blood vessels

Who this app would be great for:

*Medical Students, PA students, nursing students.

*Graduate students learning anatomy.

*College students and High School students learning anatomy.


Again, I mentioned this for the Muscles MD app, I wish I had this app available when I was a first year medical student. In particular, the wrist, ankle, and vertebra bones are reviewed extensively, which is great because they can be the most difficult to remember. I don’t think this app replaces netters flash cards, but I think its great for when you’re doing your musculoskeletal block of gross anatomy. I think this app will be of biggest utility to college and high school students, but at the same time definitely help with gross anatomy on a graduate school level. For medical students I’d also recommend the Michigan anatomy site. Doctors, PA’s, nurses might also want to get this app for fun(game mode), its funny in a bit of a sad way to see how much gross anatomy you’ve forgotten (hahaha). Overall, I’d definitely have to recommend this app to the above people, at this price its a steal. You can find the app in the App Store here. The developer’s website is here: http://speedanatomy.blogspot.com

Paid vs. Light Version: You get seven more levels with the Paid version of the app. With the paid version you also get the key bones in the head/neck that you need to know for Cranial Nerve anatomy.

Practice Mode: Refer to Speed Muscles MD review.

Zoom feature: The zoom feature allows you to be more precise when picking a bone. If you hold your finger to an area on the screen it will magnify (refer to picture), allowing you to correctly select the bone. I thought this feature was definitely helpful, although it would have been nice to use the native iPhone zoom capability as well.