The Medical College of Georgia is going to be offering its students custom built apps. They’re offering twelve apps right now, 6 of them for more "general use", and the other 6 with a more medical focus.

The six MCG Mobile Suite applications include:


· A directory of MCG faculty and staff

· A GPS-enabled map to access your exact location on campus or pinpoint a building’s location

· An events app to keep track of what’s happening on and off campus

· A course catalog (to be released in August)

· A news app to stay attuned to MCG happenings

· The iScope app to view a wide array of educational videos and other MCG-related content


The six MCG Medical Suite applications include:


· A diagnosis and procedure code reference guide

· A medical calculator

· A medical abbreviations glossary

· An optics clinical calculator

· A gestational calculator

· A cholesterol management algorithm"

I think the Medical applications they are offering currently are pretty basic. For each of the medical apps, you can find an equivalent app (free of charge) in the Apple app store. However, it’s definitely a big step for the school and an obvious sign they care about integrating technology with their curriculum. They have a nice video showing students (medical, dental, nursing, physician assistants) using these apps in real time and how they can be helpful for their selected field.

I’d be interested to see if they are going to eventually force students to purchase an iPod touch or iPhone or even provide them. From their website you get the feeling this is being used as a recruiting tool as well. I remember there was a time when Duke University gave iPods to their entire incoming freshman class, which didn’t last long, but it gave the school a lot of hype.

I think the iScope app is the most appealing. It would be great to be able to view procedure videos through my iPhone. I’d love to see them eventually put class lectures (video tapes or recorded) on your device.

It’ll be fun to see what this could eventually lead to and I’m actually surprised there hasn’t been more of this. If you’re in one of those graduate professions (med school/pharmacy/dental/nursing/physician assistant/etc), leave some comments about possible applications that you’d like to see your school integrate into your curriculum or develop. Also, to prospective students, would this make you more interested in the school, or would it be a moot point?