We haven’t started any of the other app reviews by saying this, but you might as well download this app right now. Recently I mentioned to a friend how I couldn’t believe there wasn’t an app for heart murmurs. Now there is.  This review will discuss the features of the medical app, iMurmur.

What’s great about this App:

*21 different heart murmurs

*Has a great variety of heart murmurs, but also nails down the most essential: aortic stenosis, mitral regurg, aortic regurg, mitral stenosis.

*Quiz mode: allows you to customize the quizzes.

*Has a neat diagram when showing you the heart sound, letting you know when to listen to S1 and S2. (refer to below picture)

*Allows you to compare the pathologic murmur with the “normal” sound.

*Has a “details” tab, which gives you a concise and informative summary of what you need to know about that particular murmur, along with treatment options.

*It’s only 99 cents right now.

Improvements that could be made:

*Keep adding more murmurs, possibly venturing into bruits or pulmonic findings.

*It’s honestly really hard for us to think about improvements to this app.

*Note: you need headphones for this app, it’s difficult to listen to some of the heart sounds without headphones. The iMurmur team says this is because the speaker on the iPhone isn’t of sufficient quality.

photo 2

Who this app would be great for:

*Everyone in the medical profession with a stethoscope. attendings, residents, interns, medical students, PA’s, nurses, EMTs, etc.

photo 3


This app is absolutely brilliant. It nails all the key heart tones down, has a beautiful user interface, and gives you further information about the murmur. On top of all this, it’s only 99 cents right now. My guess is the price will increase soon, so get this app quick. We are confident in saying this is the best medical app we have ever used or reviewed so far.

If you have a stethoscope, this is a must have app. We can’t emphasize how important this app is for medical students and interns. You’re always going around the hospital trying to learn heart sounds through patients, and sometimes those patients with key heart sounds can be difficult to find. This app is beautiful because it allows you to practice and practice. Next time you get pimped by an attending on a heart murmur you might just get it spot on.

photo 4

Here is a link to iMurmur on itunes, and a link to their website.