image The American Heart association is offering a First Aid / CPR app, titled "Pocket First Aid & CPR". There have a number of CPR and First Aid apps already in the app store, but this is the first one that has the backing from the people who actually set the standard (AHA).

Some of the more notable features about this app are the illustrations, videos, and ability to store important medical information (insurance information, doctors information). The videos include the guy we have all grown to love from ACLS training (ha). The app also has information from a broad variety of medical topics that might require acute care, such as choking, bites, burns, and more.

The nice thing about this app is you don’t need cell phone reception to use this. It’s a stand alone app, which means you need to have wi-fi to download it since its a pretty big size (68 mb because of videos). The fact that you can easily update this app is nice, and will help you stay on top of standard of care.

I’m a bit surprised by the price, $3.99. I know the AHA paid Jive Media to make the app, but it would have been nice if the price was lower and I think more people would be inclined to buy it.

Now only if the American Heart Association (AHA) could come out with an app for ACLS training. It would be easier to learn from that and keep your memory fresh, instead of having to carry the cards around in the white coat.

You can find information about the app here. If you want to check out the app in the App store here is the link. There is a video of the app in action that I found here.