Personal Health Record app underscores importance of using patient friendly medical terms

PocketHealth is a patient app developed by Cognovant as a mobile Personal Health Record (mPHR) available for the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. This is an ambitious and comprehensive app based on Electronic Health Record features for individual use. It’s stated purpose by the developer is to allow consumers to take control of their health data and care for their own personal use and to share with their providers. It is encrypted and stored solely on the device.

How to convert a PowerPoint lecture into a PDF on the iPad, video demo

(Login and then click the above image to view the video) When it comes to note-taking on the iPad there are a number of different ways that work best for each individual. One particular method that works well on the iPad is annotating PDF files. We reviewed a number of note taking apps and came […]

Journal Club App contains essential information on a few landmark clinical trials

Journal Club is a good app with an excellent premise and ideation. The main issue facing its utility and acceptance as a mainstream app is the number of articles included. As Wiki Journal Club grows, the usefulness of the associated app will also grow. There is a need for apps like this to help summarise complex research papers for doctors on the frontline.

GP Notebook brought to iPhone is a commendable app for primary care

Anyone familiar with the web version of GP Notebook and finds it useful should be encouraged to purchase this app. The overall feel and use of the app is impressive and the ability to access the wealth of content online/offline is a major plus point. Whilst this app mainly appeals to general practitioners, the information contained within is widely applicable to anyone involved in community healthcare.

HouseOfficer app is the future of digital patient management

HouseOfficer offers and exciting insight into the future of medicine and patient management. It simplifies patient management and helps order jobs effectively thus reducing risk of errors and thereby improving patient safety. A great app which is sure to improve with future updates