Top 20 Fertility apps to help women get pregnant

For many women and their partners, having a baby at a roughly planned time is critical. While most (85%) of couples will succeed in getting pregnant over a year of unprotected intercourse, sometimes it is helpful to plan or predict how and when to get pregnant. Much of this planning has to do with knowing […]

More medical journals should take advantage of Newsstand

The number of medical journals available for the iPad has grown exponentially as more publishers recognize the potential benefits and utility of providing their content on multiple platforms. However to date, the number of journals that have opted to take advantage of features such as Apple’s Newsstand feature is remarkably low.

Glooko, a mobile diabetes management system receives FDA clearance

Glooko has received FDA 510(k) clearance for their HIPAA compliant Glooko System, a unified diabetes management system. The system includes a smartphone app, a MeterSync cable and web dashboards for both patients and doctors. Glooko users can track their carb intake, insulin dosage, and other lifestyle factors such as exercise. The app includes built-in food, […]

The Ounces app reminds patients to keep up with their daily water intake

Purpose of App Review How useful is this app in helping users track their water daily water intake? Introduction Most people know that drinking water throughout the day can have many health benefits. Although the amount of water required each day varies from person to person, the common recommendation for the average adult is to […]