EchoSource app is a useful introduction to echocardiography

EchoSource is a useful app not just limited to cardiology trainees. EchoSource provides a detailed overview of clinical disorders and their evaluation using echocardiography, incorporating educational figures and videos as well as reviews of relevant medical literature.

Top 10 pregnancy wheel medical apps for Obstetrics and Gynecology

In obstetrics, the “wheel of life” is an important entity. I love my small green pregnancy wheel that fits easily into my white coat pocket. But sometimes I cannot find it or it is in my other white coat or I am not wearing an outfit with pockets and choose not to wear my white coat. A digital wheel has become indispensible to me – it is available on my phone or iPad whenever I need it.

How to download premium Micromedex medical apps for free on your iPhone

By: Timothy Aungst, PharmD. Instructional App Utilization Review Introduction: Micromedex currently has a series of mobile applications available on several mobile devices. Their Drug Information app is currently free for all users. However, several additional apps they have available require an annual subscription ($9.99/year). These apps can also be accessed via an institutional subscription though […]