Qualcomm announces 2net app SDK, could usher in next generation medical apps

In healthcare, the ability to collect data does not mean that we should. As mobile health tools become increasingly sophisticated and pervasive, both physicians and patients alike will soon to face an avalanche of data without any guidance on how to use it. Qualcomm Life’s announcement, at its annual Uplinq conference, that on August 15th […]

Mobile eLogbook is a useful companion app for UK surgical trainees

When it comes to surgical training, one of the key parts of the assessment is based on surgical experience which is maintained in a logbook. Many surgeons have now switched to digital logbooks or apps such as Surgical Logbook. In the UK, surgical trainees are now forced to keep a personal log of all their […]

Are unauthorized copies of popular medical textbooks being sold in Apple App Store?

iMedicalApps has uncovered evidence which suggests that one developer may be creating apps using content from popular textbooks without the publishers knowledge. This practice is not uncommon to the App Store; however, this is the first time that there is evidence which suggests that this practice may be happening in the medical section. Read on […]