Touch Surgery app allows surgeons to practice operations on virtual patients

The real strength of apps like Touch Surgery is the boundary they are continually pushing in terms of virtual patient simulation. The patients are often displayed as 3D models and are becoming increasingly more detailed and realistic. It is foreseeable that in the future, surgeons and other healthcare practioners will be able to simulate all types of common operation or procedure.

Micromedex IV Compatibility App is a Quick and Easy Reference to Prevent Possible Interactions

App Reviewed: Micromedex IV Compatibility (Ver. 1.8.0) Purpose of App Review: Review ease of use of app in comparing possible interactions between intravenous (IV) preparations Determine ability of app in discerning what are possible interactions for IV medications Introduction: All too often healthcare providers find themselves questioning if the medications they are giving their patients […]

WikEM app brings free emergency medicine notes to all

As emergency medicine resources go, this is a comprehensive collection of useful notes related to a range of specialties. The WikEM resource is only likely to become more useful over time as more and more users contribute. Residents and medical students will find this app particularly useful for its broad range of content and concise high-yield facts.