Android’s medical category can now be viewed using your web browser

Google’s Android Marketplace has rolled out an online version — enabling you to view all the medical apps available for Android phones using your web browse. Some of the other new features: App purchases using your web browser — if you purchase an app online it will be added to your phone automatically ; In-app purchases, a […]

Apps for management of diabetes could be vehicles for reducing health care expenses in future [mHealth]

Research2Guidance is highlighting the portion of the survey where they looked into where mobile devices have the most potential to affect health outcomes. While other chronic conditions such as hypertension and obesity have larger populations, the market researchers felt diabetes had the largest market potential due to the huge cost saving potential, the demographic & geographic overlap between smartphone users and diabetics and the real potential to improve sugar management using mobile devices.

Practice Fusion tells iMedicalApps exclusive details of EMR App Store, launching next evolution of dynamic electronic health records

Practice Fusion is a free, web-based electronic health record that has seen a rapid rate of adoption over the last two years and is currently the largest commercial EHR installation after Kaiser and the Veterans Affairs. In this interview with Matthew Douglass, VP of Product Development, we learn some of the fascinating story of Practice Fusion’s rise, its plans to expand its API (application programming interface) and launch an app store.