The past, present, and future of medical apps

[Ed. The article below is simultaneously published today by and the Journal of Surgical Radiology (, a widely read, peer reviewed journal] In just a few short years, smartphones with advanced operating systems have sparked a bright new era of mobile medical applications. Although the Blackberry smartphone had been the device of choice for […]

Best iPhone and iPad medical apps for the week of February 28th

This past week yielded a surprisingly impressive release of quality free and paid medical apps for both the iPhone and iPad. Those in cardiology have a couple app releases that should make them very excited, but this list also contains many apps that primary care and other specialists should be interested in as well.

The uses of the iPhone for surgeons [Journal: The Surgeon]

In an example of the how quickly smartphones have penetrated the traditional realms of medical education and training, a recently published article in The Surgeon (Journal of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons of Edinburgh and Ireland) reviewed the ways in which iPhones (and their Android and other smartphone brethren) can be applied in the workday […]

How to secure your iPhone or iPad for medical use

Dr. John Halamka recently posted a very useful guide advising medical professionals on how to secure their iOS devices on his widely read blog “Life as Health Care CIO“. The important points were: 1. Make sure you’re running the latest iOS version 2. Use the “Find My iPhone” service, in case the device is lost. […]

The Virginia telehealth network: bridging mHealth and rural health

What is telehealth ? Like all good questions, the answer is not so simple. For the folks at the Virginia Telehealth Network, it is a means to a very real goal: we are very passionate about our mission to help improve access to quality healthcare via telehealth They define telehealth as “the utilization of information […]

iPad found to succeed where Kindle failed for university education

Reed College has released a detailed report documenting the outcomes of their iPad pilot study — and the results look good. The college had first tried a pilot study using the Kindle, but the Amazon e-reader came up short in key areas that are important for education: highlighting and manipulations of texts. The study was […]