Welcome to the new and improved iMedicalApps: relaunched

We want to welcome our readers to the new and improved iMedicalApps. It’s been a longtime coming. We want to also thank our readership, without your support, comments and referrals we would not have seen the 8 fold increase in traffic in just this last year alone. Due to this increase in traffic, and the […]

The end of the pager is coming – Part II

Pagers were first introduced in the 1950′s. Interestingly enough, physicians were early adopters of this then-emerging technology, paying around $10/month for the service in NYC. And for nearly half a century, pagers came to dominate communications in healthcare settings thanks to their reliability and reach. And while many things in medicine have changed, this part […]

iMedicalApps hosting grand rounds, submit your links!

iMedicalApps is honored to be hosting the medical blogosphere’s grand rounds this upcoming Tuesday.  It’s a time honored tradition, with legendary physician blogger, Nick Genes, helping organize the various editions. The theme is going to be technology and medicine — with a special emphasis on artificial intelligence (think Watson!). With that said, we need help from our […]