Sunlight Foundation launches Sunlight Health app to empower healthcare consumers

The Sunlight Foundation has launched a health care app called Sunlight Health as a tool to empower consumer choice when making health-related decisions. The app, available for Android and iOS, takes publicly available information from governments and non-profit groups and divides it into three catagories; (1) health care facilities, (2) medical suppliers, and (3) prescription […]

10th Hour Anesthesiology Review is a great, but overpriced app

10th Hour Anesthesiology Review: A great review app, but overpriced
By: Manoj M. Lalu

A plethora of review apps exist for our colleagues in internal medicine, but in anesthesiology this category of app is just beginning to develop. 10th Hour Anesthesiology Review, an app developed by Dr. Avinish B. Kumar from the University of Iowa, is a pricy but nice addition to this category.