The end of the pager is coming – Part II

Pagers were first introduced in the 1950′s. Interestingly enough, physicians were early adopters of this then-emerging technology, paying around $10/month for the service in NYC. And for nearly half a century, pagers came to dominate communications in healthcare settings thanks to their reliability and reach. And while many things in medicine have changed, this part […]

iMedicalApps hosting grand rounds, submit your links!

iMedicalApps is honored to be hosting the medical blogosphere’s grand rounds this upcoming Tuesday.  It’s a time honored tradition, with legendary physician blogger, Nick Genes, helping organize the various editions. The theme is going to be technology and medicine — with a special emphasis on artificial intelligence (think Watson!). With that said, we need help from our […]

University of Minnesota medical students using the iPad for medical education

The medical students at the University of Minnesota’s Duluth campus have all been given iPads to help with medical education — adding to the growing list of medical schools implementing “iPad medical curriculums”.  Medical schools we’ve already covered that have given their students iPads are Stanford, University of California-Irvine, and the University of Central Florida. Why the […]