Colorectal Cancer Miniatlas is a great tool for improving patient-physician communication

Miniatlas Colon Cancer aims to enhance communication with patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer and allows them to better understand the nature of their condition. Empowering patients with knowledge of their diagnosis, through a collaborative doctor patient relationship is essential when managing a patient with colorectal cancer. It can be very difficult dealing with a diagnosis of cancer and patients who understand their conditions are more likely to make decisions and deal with them effectively. Ultimately Miniatlas Colon Cancer facilitates a better doctor patient relationship, which has been shown to increase patient satisfaction and lead to better overall health outcomes.

ACU study shows iPad equipped students outperform paper-based peers

It now seems that there is proof that students equipped with iPads perform better than their paper based peers.This is the conclusion reached by the ACU Connected mobile learning program at Abilene Christian University. This group has spent over three years collecting data related to the use of mobile technology amongst students and specifically, the advantages of student mobility with this new generation of devices.