mHealth News Briefs

by Tim Bredrup Healthline releases its top 10 health-related searches performed by smartphones and tablets in 2011 According to researchers, diseases were searched five times more often then symptoms while  mobile searches tended to search for more private health matters than desktop searches. Read the remaining details here: press release | Mobile health care provider […]

Resident Physicians in Botswana using Android smart phones to practice in remote locations

mHealth Research Daily, with Tim Bredrup With the growth of mobile health in recent years, learning through the use of mobile devices (mobile learning [mLearning]) has gained recognition as a potential method for increasing healthcare providers’ access to medical information and resources in resource-limited settings. To further explore the role of smart phone based mLearning, […]

Sonographers perform remote lung ultrasounds using Skype & iPhone

mHealth Research Daily, with Tim Bredrup Common immediate life-threatening conditions such as apnea (APN) and pneumothorax (PTX) can be easily ruled out by performing an ultrasound that visualizes a respiratory motion known as lung sliding (LS). Institutions from around the world collaborated on a study that assessed how economically and practically this information could be […]

Top 4 iPad anatomy medical apps

A detailed comparison of the top anatomy apps currently available for the iPad based on the following essential functions: content, ease of use, quality of anatomical illustrations and overall benefit to practicing physicians