Bringing “medical grade” security to hospital WiFi

I recently covered the announcement out of the West Wireless Health Institute that they were launching the West Wireless Health Council to pioneer the adoption of Medical Grade Wireless at hospitals and health systems across America. The Council is managed by an all-star team of CIOs from leading providers and by all indications they have […]

$50 million 2012 Industry Innovation Competition launched by the VA

The Department of Veterans of Affairs (VA) has just launched its third Industry Innovation Competition. Part of the VA Innovation Initiative (VAi2), it is a $50 million program aimed VA employees, industry leaders, start-ups, non-profits, and universities in order to find the best newinnovations to advance the performance of the VA.

Biosense unveils ToucHb for needle-less blood testing

Anemia can be difficult to diagnose without access to a specialized equipment or a trained technician. In fact, anemia kills 1 million women and infants worldwide annually. Yet anemia, if diagnosed, can be easily treated using inexpensive supplements even in poor/remote regions. Myshkin Ingawale and Yogesh Patil, co-founders of India-based startup Biosense (originally Anaemedia), were […]

Boston area to get its own Rock Health startup accelerator

The Boston Globe is reporting today that the Rock Health, the San Francisco based health startup accelerator, will be opening up a Boston branch this Summer. The program is already accepting applications. Reportedly several Boston based entrepreneurs are already signed up as mentors, including Jason Jacobs of RunKeeper, Ben Rubin of Zeo, Erika Pabo of […]

iSonea launches clinical trial to assess effectiveness of its acoustic asthma monitoring device

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that affects people of all ages. While traditionally, spirometry has been used to study children and adults with asthma, pediatric patients were typically too young to participate. iSonea, a company that develops acoustic respiratory monitoring devices, has recently found a solution to this problem and announced the launch of a post-market study using their WheezoMeter monitoring technology. The study, called Wheeze Rate Correlation and found on is planned for two locations in California.