Unbound Medicine and American Academy of Pediatrics announce new mobile platforms and content

By Tim Bredrup Unbound Medicine, a leader in knowledge management solutions for health care, announces new mobile platforms and resources at Pediatric Care Online (PCO) from the American Acadamy of Pediatrics (AAP).  PCO is now available as a downloadable native application for iPad and Windows Phone.  Simultaneously, important new clinical information was added to the […]

The First Academic Journal on Apple’s Newsstand is a Medical One

The introduction of the British Medical Journal to Newsstand marks an interesting point in the world of academic journals. Using the iPad as a content delivery platform ensures that
access to essential information is now quicker, simpler and most importantly easier than ever before. By improving content delivery, the BMJ, Newsstand and the iPad ensure that the latest evidence based information is in the hands of physicians in the most important place: on the front line

Mobile technology use by physicians on the job may increase malpractice risk

By Tim Bredrup Advancements in mobile technology has the potential to influence healthcare in many ways.  However, not all of these ways are positive.  The digital innovation we’ve seen in devices  such as smart phones and tablets have the potential to distract health care professionals on the job, and possibly leading to an increase in […]

mHealth app market has best year yet, reaching $718 million in 2011

By Tim Bredrup The market of mobile health services delivered via smart phone applications had its first year of substantial business in 2011, experiencing a sevenfold increase from the previous year. A main reason for the significant growth is due an increase of smart phone users on the demand side, and the increase of mHealth […]

mHealth News Briefs

By Tim Bredrup Ford teams up with Healthrageous, Microsoft, and BlueMetal Architects to develop “The Car That Cares” Ford, Microsoft Corp. and Healthrageous are researching how connected devices can help people monitor and maintain health and wellness in real-time while inside their personal vehicles, in a nonintrusive manner. The prototype system developed by BlueMetal Architects […]

Real-time seizure alerts captured by SmartWatch equipped with accelerometer and Bluetooth technology

mHealth Research Daily with Tim Bredrup Caregivers of epileptic patients are often concerned about unwitnessed seizures that can cause injury and sometimes even death. In an effort to address this concern, neurologists at Stanford University performed a study to determine if a wrist-worn accelerometer could accurately detect the classic epilepsy seizure known as a tonic-clonic, […]