Resident Physicians in Botswana using Android smart phones to practice in remote locations

mHealth Research Daily, with Tim Bredrup With the growth of mobile health in recent years, learning through the use of mobile devices (mobile learning [mLearning]) has gained recognition as a potential method for increasing healthcare providers’ access to medical information and resources in resource-limited settings. To further explore the role of smart phone based mLearning, […]

Sonographers perform remote lung ultrasounds using Skype & iPhone

mHealth Research Daily, with Tim Bredrup Common immediate life-threatening conditions such as apnea (APN) and pneumothorax (PTX) can be easily ruled out by performing an ultrasound that visualizes a respiratory motion known as lung sliding (LS). Institutions from around the world collaborated on a study that assessed how economically and practically this information could be […]

Top 4 iPad anatomy medical apps

A detailed comparison of the top anatomy apps currently available for the iPad based on the following essential functions: content, ease of use, quality of anatomical illustrations and overall benefit to practicing physicians

mHealth News Briefs

by Tim Bredrup Bosch Healthcare wins Frost & Sullivan 2011 Market Share Leadership Award for Remote Patient Monitoring Bosch Healthcare offers both vital sign and disease management home telehealth products. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) home telehealth program has expanded its telehealth program in 2011 with six more telehealth contracts, of which Robert Bosch […]

Color Atlas of Pediatric Dermatology app assists doctors make accurate diagnoses

by: Sumeet Banker, MD, MPH Anyone who has taken care of children knows that rashes are ubiquitous and can often be the bane of one’s practice. Children acquire rashes for seemingly everything, from benign viral exanthems to chronic systemic diseases and even acute life-threatening emergencies. Appropriate identification and treatment of skin findings in children can […]

Researchers describe smartphone platform to monitor elderly patients with chronic conditions

mHealth Research Daily, with Tim Bredrup The need for continuous remote health monitoring is growing, especially amongst elderly patients that suffer from chronic diseases and heart conditions. In efforts to address this need, Informaticists in Portugal have proposed a system that relies on remote sensor monitoring combined with mobile and wireless computing devices. In this […]