Connecting healthcare + social media: the #HCSMNY conference

The pervasiveness of Facebook and other social media platforms has created opportunities to improve patient-physician communication. Willing doctors can connect with patients in and outside the exam room, expanding their reach and thus jointly sharing in the empowerment this newest technology revolution offers. Orthopedic surgeon Howard Luks summarizes the power of social media for physicians this way: […]

Medivo helps doctors keep their patients healthy outside the office

With a shortage of many types of physicians looming and health care costs ever rising, it’s vital that we find lean ways to scale quality care. One of the great potentials of technology is the ability to monitor patients and the status of their medical care outside the limited office visit paradigm. Medivo is a significant step towards this goal.

The emergence of mHealth has highlighted the importance of digital sharing and collaboration

Ultimately the growth and introduction of social media/the internet have fundamentally changed the way we communicate with a greater emphasis on engagement and information sharing amongst both professional colleagues and the patients themselves. By taking advantage of these communication channels, we can focus more on individual patients and their treatment regimes whilst reducing healthcare costs and improving patient outcomes.