Aprima and Visiting Physicians Association announce new remote EHR system

Aprima Medical Software recently announced the rollout of its transformative electronic health record (EHR) by the Visiting Physicians Association (VPA). Using the Aprima system, with its unique “replication” technology, VPA is able to give its traveling physicians access to patient data and connection to network resources no matter where they are.

iPhone matches computer workstations in remote opthalmology evaluation of diabetic retinopathy

mHealth Research Digest by Tim Bredrup Teleophthalmology, the electronic exchange of ophthalmic information to provide remote eye care services, has conventionally been executed on a standard office computer workstation. However, ophthalmologists in Pittsburgh, PA recently compared the diagnostic capability of an iPhone against a typical computer workstation for remote photographic evaluation of the fundus in […]

Health 2.0 teams up with AT&T for SXSW ‘Mobile App Hackathon’

Health 2.0 joins forces with AT&T to host SXSW’s official Mobile App Hackathon on Mar. 9, 2012. Health 2.0 and AT&T are challenging developers, UI/UX designers and researchers to build mobile health applications over the course of 24 hours at the downtown Austin Convention Center from Friday, Mar. 9 to Saturday, Mar. 10.

iPhone app manages dangerous interactions between chemotherapy and alternative medications

mHealth Research Digest by Tim Bredrup Cancer patients who combine complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs) with conventional chemotherapy treatments are at risk of developing anticancer drug-CAM interactions (DCIs), which can lead to negative therapeutic outcomes. In efforts to help manage this circumstance, pharmacists in the UK and Singapore teamed up to develop an iPhone application, […]

SXSW Hackathon challenges developers to create a great mobile health app in 24 hours

Today, March 9th, is a big day for certain participants in this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) located in Austin, Texas. Health 2.0 and AT&T have teamed up to host SXSW’s official Mobile App Hackathon. While the title may be a bit misleading, the goal of this contest is to challenge developers, UI/UX designers and researchers to build mobile health applications–all within a period of 24 hours. The contest is being held in the Austin Convention Center.