Which iPhone version works best for medical professionals?

A short discussion and analysis of the relevant factors when considering what size and version iPhone to purchase if you are a medical professional looking to use your iPhone on a day to day basis. Factors considered include hardware, software, price, average app size and more.

CareView Communications unveils SitterView, a mobile app that increases efficiency of patient sitters

By Tim Bredrup CareView Communications, Inc., an information technology provider to the healthcare industry, just recently announced the completion of SitterView, an innovative application that employs mobile technology to enable healthcare providers to better utilize patient sitters, improve patient safety, and reduce sitter costs.  SitterView allows a single sitter the ability to monitor multiple patients […]

Body sensor networks used to monitor heat stress

mHealth Research Digest with Tim Bredrup   A variety of body sensor network systems have been proposed to detect health related problems in real time. However the focus of many of these systems is on the gathering and presentation/storage of data, rather than on autonomous real-time decision making. A study conducted at Coventry University in […]

Kaiser releases patient health records native app for Android, with only web app for iOS users

Recently, Kaiser Permanente (KP), one of the largest healthcare organization, made an announcement that affects its 9 million patients. The organization has released an app for the Android platform which allows patients to access their medical information from virtually anywhere. The app provides full access to patient information that currently resides on the KP health record system. Additionally, KP now has a mobile optimized website which allows members to also access their information via any mobile device platform. This website is accessible via a smartphone’s mobile browser and includes users of Windows Mobile phones, Blackberry and even the iPhone.

Introducing mHealth by iMedicalApps

iMedicalApps has launched mHealth (iMedicalApps.com/mhealth), a page dedicated to the use of mobile technologies for direct patient care. This is where you can read about great research being done on the use of mobile technologies for health & wellness, the latest in wireless health devices and about innovative digital health startups. We will continue to […]

How to get the most out of mHealth

iMedicalApps Senior mHealth Analyst Brian Edwards was recently interviewed by Michael Spitzer, VP Engagement Planning at Ignite Health, on the popular site Pharmaphorum “the home of pharma industry debate”.