Mobile phone diaries can improve data collection during clinical trials

mHealth Research Digest with Mohamed Elawad Paper based data collection has long been the typical method for research subjects to report data on themselves during clinical trials, such as what they are eating for each meal or any side effects related to a drug. A problem that often occurs with this method of data collection […]

VigiVU: an app to increase the efficiency of anesthesiologists in the OR

The efficiency of anesthesiologists in the OR is always something that hospitals are looking into. In response to this need, researchers at Vanderbilt University recently reported the creation and successful implementation of a medical app that can be used to increase their situational awareness of patients. Their implementation of the app focused on its use by anesthesiologists, but the app could be replicated in concept to meet the needs of other health professionals

RxDrop app helps find a nearby prescription drug disposal center

Highlighting a CDC Report, which states that prescription drug abuse results in one death every 19 minutes, the American Medicine Chest Challenge (AMCC) has launched an app to encourage safe disposal of prescription drugs and thus lower this risk by removing unused prescription drugs from the home.