3D Consultation app delivers efficient orthopedic patient education from your iPad

3D Consultation by 3D Practice, developed by CommVantage inc provides chiropractors and even orthopaedic doctors with a powerful patient education tool at the point of care. Using high quality 3D medical animations to describe a variety of common pathologies it is likely to improve the doctor patient relationship, and help with patient satisfaction and compliance.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) unanimously adopts rules for proposed medical body area networks

By: Joe McMenamin, JD, MD Yesterday, FCC unanimously adopted the proposed medical body area networks (“MBAN”) rules discussed on iMedicalApps on Wednesday. FCC’s decision opens up frequencies for such networks, allowing patients to rid themselves of some of the wires that presently connect them to medical monitors. It is expected that this decision will stimulate […]

Emergency Medical Spanish brings mobile interpreter to your Android device

This app will never be a replacement for a trained interpreter. However, most hospitals have one interpreter for many patients, if not the whole hospital. This app helps to allows a practitioner with a basic knowledge of Spanish in an emergency setting to quickly assess a potentially critical patient when an interpreter is not rapidly available.

This week’s #mHealth Tweet Chat archive now available

This is the archive of the fourth #mHealth Tweet Chat that took place on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at 9pm EST/8pm CST. We discussed favorite apps, mobile devices, accessories and peripherals, and the ways that we use mobile technology with our patients and in our practices.