HealthType – using personality theory to make mobile health more persuasive

Changing health behaviors to scientifically recommended actions has the potential to prevent 80% of all chronic illnesses. Not only are healthy behaviors the key to preventing chronic disease, but they are also the mainstay for treating chronic illness. Yet, one of the greatest challenges clinicians face is successfully facilitating health behavior change among their patients. Experts in behavior modification and lifestyle medicine are calling for innovative and tailored approaches to assist clinicians.

mHealth chat returns tonight at 9pm ET on Twitter!

The iMedicalApps #mHealth chat is back on tonight on Twitter at 9pm ET!  We are excited to chat with everyone again. Tonight we will discuss the use of mobile apps and websites for personal health, what makes them effective, what works and what doesn’t to maximize user engagement. We hope you will join us tonight […]

Research uncovers increased need to track medical device security

Because medical devices commonly use standard PC’s running mainstream operating systems they are often at risk to security vulnerabilities and require frequent updates of the software. Wireless connections pose a similar threat by exposing medical devices to potential malware and researchers have conducted a study that indicates the US may not be doing an adequate job of tracking these vulnerabilities and risks.