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iMedicalApps is the leading online publication for medical professionals, patients, and analysts interested in mobile medical technology and health care apps. Our physician editors lead a team of physicians, allied health professionals, medical trainees, and mHealth analysts in providing reviews, research, and commentary of mobile medical technology. Our publication is heavily based on our own experiences in the hospital and clinic setting.  Our experiences at iMedicalApps have led us to develop iPrescribeApps.com, a platform that will enable providers to prescribe health apps to their patients.

We have been recognized as experts in mobile health by the New York TimesWired MagazineSlate Magazine, American Medical News, and many other reputable media outlets. We have been referred by the venerable Cochrane Collaboration as an evidence based trusted Web 2.0 website. We have been in various medical journals, such as the Annals of Emergency Medicine, the Journal of Surgical Oncology, the Journal of Surgical Radiology, and others.

Unlike other medical review and mHealth sites, the iMedicalApps Editors do not make medical apps and institute strict conflict of interest policies enabling us to provide an unbiased view of mobile medical technology.


Iltifat Husain, MD

Editor in Chief, Founder

iltifat husain pictureIltifat Husain (@IltifatMD) is the founder and editor-in-chief of iMedicalApps.com. He is the co-founder of iPrescribeApps.com, a platform that will enable providers to prescribe health apps to their patients.

He is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and the Director of the Mobile App Curriculum at the Wake Forest School of Medicine.

Iltifat has given interviews to the New York Times, USA Today,Wired, Slate, and many other national news publications.

He has given conference talks across the World on mobile medical technology. He recently served on a panel discussing mobile technology at the Brookings Institute in Washington D.C.

He completed his undergraduate degree in Finance at North Carolina State university.  He did his medical school training at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, and completed his Emergency Medicine Residency training at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital.

Satish Misra MD

Executive Editor, Founding Partner

SM HeadshotSatish (@MisraSatish) is the Managing Editor and Founding Partner at iMedicalApps. He is the co-founder of iPrescribeApps.com, a platform that will enable providers to prescribe health apps to their patients.

He is currently a second-year cardiology fellow at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Satish is particularly interested in the application of evidence-based medicine to the digital health space, applications for prevention of cardiovascular disease, and use of technology to advance diagnosis and management of arrhythmia.

He has been recognized for his experience in this field, having been interviewed by media outlets like the Washington Post and London-based Guardian as well as an invited speaker on mobile medical applications at the FDA. He has also written about digital health technology for organizations like the American College of Cardiology and contributed editorials in medical journals.

He completed degrees in Biochemistry and Economics at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. He completed medical school and residency at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.


Steven Chan MD

Staff Writer

Steve (@StevenChanMDwww.stevenchanMD.com) is a resident physician at the University of California, Davis Health System, researching mobile technology, psychiatry & human behavior. Steve previously worked as a visual designer and software engineer at both Microsoft & UC Berkeley. His current research is in asynchronous telepsychiatry and mobile applications to mental health. He has won awards at numerous health tech competitions, including the Health 2.0 Code-a-thon, UC Berkeley-Genentech Hacking Health annual, and the California Healthcare Foundation Design-a-thon. He enjoys bicycling, urban backpacking, video games, and traveling.

David Ahn MD

Staff Writer

David Ahn, MD, is currently a first-year Internal Medicine resident physician at Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego, CA. He studied Cognitive Science during his undergraduate studies at UC San Diego. During that time, he cultivated his fascination with technology, interface design, and human-computer interaction.

He stayed in the area by attending UC San Diego School of Medicine, and then beginning an Internal Medicine residency at Scripps Mercy Hospital. He contributes primarily by focusing on app reviews and writing editorial articles on the intersection of technology and medicine.

PJ Lally MD

Staff Writer

P.J. Lally, M.D. is a family practice resident at Mercy Family Health Center in Sacramento. A transplant from the cold north of Minnesota and a graduate of the University of Minnesota Medical School, P.J. now lives in sunny Napa Valley. His interests in medicine include Family Practice, Critical Care, Palliative Care, and Quality Improvement.

P.J. was drawn in to write for iMedicalApps after finding himself with over a hundred medical related iPhone apps, the default contact for his clinic’s E.H.R. questions, and trying to learn code via Podcasts on his daily commute.

P.J. reviews applications for iOS devices with the hopes of improving the quality of medicine for both providers and patients.

Jay Agarwal

Staff Writer

Jay Agarwal is a third year medical student at Albany Medical College. He graduated summa cum laude from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2012 with a degree in Biology through the Seven Year Physician-Scientist Program. He has a passion for research, medical education and mobile health. He is interested in exploring the bridge between mobile technologies and how they can be used to help doctors in training, as well as, improve patient education and compliance.

Irfan Husain

Staff Writer

Irfan Husain is a fourth year medical student at The Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University and is applying to Emergency Medicine residency programs. He graduated from Duke University with a major in Economics. Irfan completed an MPH with a concentration in Health in Crisis and Humanitarian Assistance at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. In addition to medicine, Irfan’s academic interests include disaster preparedness and response and public health implications of mobile technology.

Waqaar Khawar

Staff Writer

Waqaar Khawar is a third year medical student at Ross University School of Medicine. Before medical school, he graduated cum laude from North Carolina State University in 2006 with a degree in Computer Science and worked in telecom for 2 years. Waqaar is interested in the further integration of technology in medicine.  Waqaar’s focus in iMedicalApps is primarily on news about cutting edge medical research and technology.