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The most innovative Medical Apps of 2012


What is it?

We wrote in length about how iBooks have the potential to change medical education by providing interactive medical texts for those in the medical field. We introduced our readers to the first interactive medical iBook — “The Podmedics do Surgery“. Another popular iBook was “Brachial Plexus for Students“. Both of these free iBooks show the potential the iBook platform holds for the medical field.

What was Innovative?

These iBooks displayed how you could do “dynamical medical learning”. The books contained interactive graphs and interactive quizzes.

Why is it important?

Much of medicine is not black and white. We are lucky to be in a field where we don’t read boring court cases (Lawyers) or mundane case reports (Business). Rather, the content we learn is an intersection of Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. Having the ability to learn this content in an interactive fashion dramatically improves the experience.


Brachial Plexus for Students (Free)
Podmedics do Surgery (Free)