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The most innovative Medical Apps of 2012


What is it?

An app that enables you to do a group simulation using multiple devices.

What was Innovative?

Traditionally, if you wanted to do a group simulation, you needed to have special software and hardware dedicated to simulations. SimMon enables you to do a group simulation by having the iOS devices communicate among themselves. For example, an instructor can use an iOS device and change parameters on the devices students are using.

Why is it important?

Simulation devices and setups are expensive. Having the ability to teach a simulation in a dynamic setting by using existing devices has the potential to not only save money, but also lowers the barrier of entry of simulations for training programs overall.  Also, instead of having to fight for time in the Sim room — all you need are multiple iOS devices to do practice cases.


iMedicalApps Review
iTunes: SimMon ($13.99)