EchoSource app is a useful introduction to echocardiography

EchoSource is a medical reference devoted exclusively to echocardiography. This area is frequently poorly taught to undergraduates and other junior trainees. The EchoSource app has been developed by the creators of ECGsource and CathSource which have both received widespread acclaim for their high level of quality, use of media and overall usability.

Now we will see if EchoSource matches up with these other apps.

EchoSource provides a detailed overview of clinical disorders and their evaluation using echocardiography, incorporating educational figures and videos as well as reviews of pertinent medical literature.

The app covers information that is useful if you are a beginner just learning standard echocardiography imaging views, or a practicing clinician needing a quick reference to guideline-based echocardiographic criteria for diagnosing the severity of valvular heart disease.

Opening the app presents the user with an extensive list of contents page. There is a range of chapters covering information from the history of echocardiography, different types of views as well as detailed theory chapters on cardiac flow and more.

There are also a number of chapters dedicated to clinical conditions such as ASD, VSD, intracardiac masses and more. The detailed clinical information is supported by references, although, it is a shame there is no way to export or share these articles with colleagues.

One drawback common to the Source series that has now been fixed is the inability to zoom in on a image in a topic. This has now been solved, which is a relief.

Overall, the user interface is simple and straightforward enabling users to quickly find information with the aid of a search function. One of the strengths of this app is the inclusion of high quality videos alongside detailed high quality images. The majority of the videos are annotated and highlight the important points.

As you can see from the screenshots, the information contained in this app is of a high level of detail. While many would think that this app is purely for cardiology trainees, there is a significant use for other internal medicine residents and medical students who want to learn more about echocardiography.

Another subset who may find this app particularly helpful is cardiac anesthetists and the section on oesophageal echo may be particularly useful.


  • $4.99


  • Large range of cardiac conditions included
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Detailed range of information
  • References at the end of each article


  • Can’t export articles to colleagues

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app

  • Interventional radiologists and trainees
  • Internal medicine trainees and medical students.


  • EchoSource is a useful app not just limited to cardiology trainees. EchoSource provides a detailed overview of clinical disorders and their evaluation using echocardiography, incorporating educational figures and videos as well as reviews of relevant medical literature.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

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Rating: (1 to 5 stars): 4/5

  • User interface – 4
  • Multimedia usage – 4
  • Price – 3
  • Real world applicability – 4