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Top 10 free iPad medical apps for healthcare professionals

9. Free Journals and PDF management solutions: Lancet / Circulation / Dropbox / Evernote

As more medical professionals are reading on their iPad — medical journals have realized the importance of shifting their content to an iPad friendly form.

Earlier this month, we published a well received compilation list of all the medical journals that had made the transition to the iPad. We were surprised by the number, over 60 medical journals are available for the iPad — we had presumed the list to be significantly less.

Most of the iPad Journal apps require a subscription to use, such as the New England Journal of Medicine — whose iPad offering we reviewed extensively in the below video:

Video of New England Journal of Medicine iPad App (subscription required):

New England Journal of Medicine iPad review

There are two notable iPad Journal Apps that are free to use, such as the Lancet and Circulation. The Lancet does make some of their offerings private, but has a good amount of content free. Circulation offers almost a years worth of content for free. We encourage you to look at our compilation article of all the medical journals available for the iPad to see if a Journal you subscribe to has a mobile offering.

Along with Journal apps, there are great free Cloud based apps enabling Physicians to store medical literature on their iPad. Two apps we are huge fans of are Dropbox and Evernote. Below is a great video showing how medical professionals can utilize the free DropBox app in medicine.

Video (How to use PubMed on your iPad to upload documents into DropBox)

How to find and upload an academic paper into Dropbox

iTunes Links: Lancet, Circulation, Dropbox, Evernote