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Top 10 free iPad medical apps for healthcare professionals

8. 3D Virtual Simulation Medical Apps: Upper Respiratory Virtual Lab / iLarynx

Learning about the airway takes a completely different meaning with these two apps. Even if you’re not in critical care medicine, you can appreciate the sophistication and ingenuity behind these apps.

Upper Respiratory Virtual Lab, created by the Georgia Health Sciences University, is a straightforward 3D animation app that guides users through the upper respiratory system at a macro level. Those of us who grew up with the Magic School Bus cartoons will appreciate the “ground level” approach this app takes in teaching the Upper Airway — demonstrated in the below video.

iLarynx has to be one of the most ingenious iPad medical apps we’ve seen in the App Store. The idea itself is the focal point, whereas the practicality of the app needs more work. The premise of the the app is you are about to intubate with fiberoptic laryngoscopy — and you have to use the iPad’s accelerometer as well as on screen buttons to manipulate the scope in order to secure the airway.

I’ve used a fiberoptic scope to intubate before, and I must admit, this app does offer a relatively accurate description of how the scope manipulates. However, there are a massive amount of variables not taken into account: namely, not everyone intubates with fiberoptic scopes at the head of the bed. These things as an aside, it should again be emphasized that this is one of the most ingenious app ideas we’ve seen for the iPad.

The below video shows how to use the iLarynx app, as the app alone takes some time getting used to.


3D Virtual Simulation iPad Medical Apps

iTunes Links: Upper Respiratory Virtual Lab, iLarynx