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3. Calculate by QxMD

Every physician knows having a good medical calculator is crucial in almost any specialty. One of the unique characteristics of this app is the ability for providers to search for calculators by specialty. While this might seem like a good idea, most providers don’t actually scroll through to find calculators they want to use. Rather, we often use the search feature for the medical calculators we want to use.

In our testing, we would have preferred if the Search function was more readily available, instead of being behind the scenes, as our demonstration video indicates.

Once you get past this downside, the algorithms and calculators the app provides are plentiful, and more importantly, easy to use. The developers of the app provide a nice double panel user interface for quickly plugging in information.

Check out the video to see the double panel display. Unfortunately the app doesn’t utilize this in vertical mode.


Calculate by QxMD

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  • I am interested in creating a medical application for an IPAD. How do I find a programmer?

    James W. Baker MD
  • What is the best DICOM viewer app that you’ve used? (free or fee)

  • Epocrates (Palm version) allows one to search the drug or alternative med database by indication or reported uses, side effect, contraindications, pregnancy codes, lactation coded, and notes (which you have entered for a particular drug). Is this extensive search and note capability available on any other medical app?

    FJamesKing Subscriber
      • Our hospital has become a teaching facility for our local medical school and we are required to have iPads. I also own a toshiba thrive android tablet. Both tablets environments are fantastic . My android tablet has full sized USB ports which i use for watching video cme and google android apps are rapidly catching up to iphone ipad

        iTunes is loaded with video lectures from a wide array of medical institutions. The lack of flash video is an iPad drawback, but I use an app called Iswifter which allows most flash videos to be played on iPad, but hands down androids flash capablities are a HUGE advantage for android tablets…..
        iPad seems to rarely crash or freeze up, android a bit more often…
        Comparable Android tablets can be purchased for $ 200.00
        Less which makes android very appealing.

        Good that we have two major competitors, as consumers benefit in the long run.

  • I am surprised that these apps are made for a dying format. Android is outselling iPad and the margin is growing. Also, there is a strong growing dislike of Apple because of the stunts they pulled with their Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Lion operating systems, and a term they implies backward thinking, “Apple Think”.

    Also, there are too many backdoors in Apple software that makes folks very uncomfortable.

    Making an iPad app is like making something in Beta video tape.

    But I like the concept.

    For me the only thing an iPad is good for is target practice, but each of us has their own taste.

  • I was looking for some exciting apps for pediatrics to install on my iPad. After a long search I found below app which looks great but I need your review about this app before going to buy the help. Any suggestion highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • Very good list but it about time the FDA and UK and other start vetting aps like medical treatments and devices before deaths are reported due to a fake, bady writern or miss typed information in a app ~ I am trying and shouting about this before any parent health is affected

  • Is there an app that you can use to obtain an active electrocardiogram in real time?

  • I have been asked to search for apps that are appropriate for patient education in cardiovascular, pulmonary and stroke populations. With the pay for performance plan becoming a reality in healthcare, we need to be more effective in increasing our patients health literacy level and I am hopeful that there are apps to help. What can you suggest?

  • Just want to know how it works

  • Have you reveiwed any translation apps for use in a healthcare setting? Similar to the ones for travel or business but with particular aptitude for health care vocabulary. Thank you.

  • What is the typical economic model of these free applications? Are people really doing all this great work on a volunteer basis? Or are these products grant based? Or is it a quality free service that on ramps to other paid services? Or are they advertisement supported? Each product may have a different answer so perhaps you could make overall comments and then comment specifically on Medscape. By the way, you offer a great service in curating medical apps like this.

    scott colesworthy Subscriber
  • very Informative.

    Can anyone suggest an alternative to Ipad for using windows based (xp, 7 or 8 ) Dragon medical dictation (I have 10.1 medical version) preferably with the largest screen tablet and a big RAM but very light and portable like IPAD?

  • Tried to get this for my ipad but my app store doesn’t have it. Even tried it with my iphone – no dice. Guess its gone. Too bad.

    Timothy Horn, MD

    Timothy Horn Subscriber
  • Is there a medical app for the Kindle Fire HD?

  • I don’t want to learn code but I do need to learn how to brief an app developer.

    Does anyone have a template or tips they’d like to share?

    Thanks :)

  • I searched for the draw MD app on my Iphone and did not locate the app. Any suggestions?

  • I am using Epocrates on my iPad now and it works great. I find it very quick to use while seeing patients to look up prescription dosages and alternative drugs to use for specific illnesses. E. Torres, MD

    Elizabeth Torres, MD

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