Samsung is making custom Android operating system phones & tablets for EMR and medical use

At Mobile World Congress earlier this week, Samsung announced they are adding approximately 90 custom APIs to the Android operating system that will run on their phones and tablets in the future.

These custom APIs (application programming interface) will allow companies to make more secure and enterprise compatible apps for Samsung phones and tablets that are running the Android operating system.

Two key companies with mobile medical ties have already signed on to use these enterprise APIs, SAP and Calgary Scientific.  You might remember that Calgary Scientific is the same company that makes the ResolutionMD radiology viewing app for the iPhone and iPad.

Samsung went on to announce that their custom Android operating system will enable health care providers to use SAP’s Mobile EMR, a medical application that gives secure access to a chronological view of a patient’s vital signs, to clinical documents, and to medical imaging.

So what does this all mean? Basically, Samsung wants enterprise users, and they clearly want to go after the medical community. By adding special layers of security to the Android operating systems that will run on their phones and tablets, Samsung wants to alleviate the concerns of Hospital CIOs and other information technology officers.

By the way, Samsung made sure to let attendes at the conference know these APIs will be available on the tablet Android operating system — HoneyComb (Android 3.0).

Source: ComputerWorld


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