Top 15 Free Android Medical apps for Healthcare professionals

By: Iltifat Husain MD, Brett Einerson MD

Editor’s note: Make sure to check out our new Top 10 free iPad medical apps piece

Eight months ago, we published our list of the Top 5 Free Android medical apps. Since that time, the Android platform has expanded significantly.  The buzz surrounding Android — exciting phones, expanding market share, more apps, and even a “Medical” category on the Market – point toward the continued presence of Android in the competition for the hearts, minds, and wallets of health care professionals and students.

The time has come to update and expand the Top 5 free android medical apps list. The original list was not impressive, due to the lack of quality medical apps on the Android platform at the time.  However, this new top 15 free android medical apps list shows the level of quality has significantly increased in the Android Marketplace.

Methods: This list was compiled over a one month period, from mid December 2010 to mid January 2011. Initially, iMedicalApps went through the full health and lifestyle category in the Android Marketplace — over 1,000 apps — prior to Android making a separate Medical category for their app store. Once a separate medical category was established by Android on December 23rd, 2010, iMedicalApps went through the complete medical category again. Trial apps or “Lite” apps were excluded in our list.

Inclusion criteria for list: Apps needed to add functionality for health care providers in at least one of the following three ways: Point of care use, medical education, or patient education.  The mobile devices used to make this list were the Motorola CLIQ and the Dell Streak.

This list is not based on top downloaded Android medical apps according to the Android Marketplace. It is also not based on comments or star ratings from the Android Marketplace. The list is compiled by two fourth year medical students, and is based on the specific inclusion criteria mentioned above in order to assure actual utility for medical professionals.

Due to the numerous pictures of each app, in depth commentary, and the systematic nature of this list, each app has it’s own page.  Of note, some of these apps will not be available on certain platforms of Android operating systems — especially older phones.

Continue on to access iMedicalApps official top 15 free android medical apps list for healthcare professionals:

1. Medscape

One of the most anticipated apps to hit Android, Health care professionals had been waiting eagerly for this comprehensive medical application. Medscape was just recently released on the Android Market and has already become the number one downloaded medical app for the Android platform.

The amount of free content provided by Medscape is absolutely mind numbing and seems to continuously grow with each update. 7,000+ drug references, 3,500+ disease clinical references, 2,500+ clinical images and procedure videos, robust drug interaction tool checker, CME activities, and more.

Medscape is a great drug reference app — but many don’t realize it’s also a mini-textbook packed with protocols for disease pathologies — great for a quick reference and refreshing you medical knowledge. Its not as detailed as the famous Pocket Medicine Red Book — but it does more than an adequate job of providing clinical pearls from the most common to less common pathologies. On top of this, the application has instructional medical procedure videos and pictures.

Most Useful For: Health care professionals and students

We recently did a full review of Medscape on Android.

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  • Wow! Thanks for this list iMedical Apps! Amazing how I’ve had the android for awhile now and didn’t even know some of these medical apps existed!

  • nice list. i want to switch to verizon soon, but iphone or android ??? heard good things about android. i have an iphone right now.

    • I’ve had an article in the works about this topic. It’s almost done — right now getting some opinions from developers about some things. Should answer some of these questions.

      Iltifat Husain iMedicalApps Editor
    • Read between the lines on reviews of iPhone vs. Android and I think you’ll find most reviewers favor the iPhone user interface and more polished, less buggy applications.

      Also, don’t discount AT&T – their network is 3-5 times faster than Verizon in my repeated (non-scientific) tests using Verizon currently uses CDMA technology for their smartphones (including the upcoming iPhone), which has much slower data throughput than AT&T’s GSM network (plus AT&T allows simultaneous voice and data and works worldwide.)

  • Not sure if a calorie counting program counts as a “medical app”. iPhone seems to have a much richer collection (obvious with review of your Top 20 Free iPhone Medical Apps link).

    • True, iPhone does have a richer collection of free medical apps. Android is definitely catching up though. Also, the calorie counter program did fit our inclusion criteria due to the ability of its use as a patient education tool. We also included one calorie counting app in our top 20 free iphone medical apps list as well.

      Iltifat Husain iMedicalApps Editor
  • Is there any hope on getting Uptodate for android devices?

  • I would add Lexicomp to the list of medical app must haves

  • epocrates is great medical app for android mobile. its easy to use and really helpful for quick reference. But I think is its only a trail version (mine is expiring in 20 days). If that’s so, it should not be in this list as you mentioned you are not including the trail version to this list. But I recommend u confirm it 1st.

    suzata86 Subscriber
    • Epocrates has a free and a paid version, we included it on this list b/c there is a free version. You are most likely using the paid version they offer with a trial. Hope that explains the confusion. thanks!

      Iltifat Husain, MD iMedicalApps Editor
    • The epocrates trial offer is one of the paid versions. There is a free version also that is great. When you start to download it will ask you if you want to download the free one or one of the others with a trial offer.

  • Great,Thanks for this list iMedical Apps! Amazing how I’ve had the android for awhile now and didn’t even know some of these medical apps existed!

  • This is terrific! Thanks for making the practice potentially a lot easier and still accurate.

  • Love my Epocrates- use it practically every day

  • Amazing app. It is very helpful.

  • Excellent compilation..very useful for medical students..

  • As a medical student, I found the OSCE app from really useful, you can get it here . Most of the stuff in the app is available on their website for free but its useful to have it on the go, plus there are mock exams etc in the app

  • what about ekg apps or the best free medical terminology app

    The software generally encompasses various nursing topics, including medication and

    treatment information.

  • This sounds like a very useful app! However, it asks for permission to know your GPS based location and read your phone’s ID and state. I think that’s a bit intrusive for an app that only manages PDFs and image capture.

  • I am looking for an app, that may not exist, but should.
    The problem?-ordering tests, an inordinate amount of time to look up a code that the test will be deemed appropriate for. Eg a patient with syncope, one cannot order a CBC(Medicare rules). But if one knew what was allowable one could appropriately choose “anemia”(rule out).
    So-is there an app out there that lists diagnoses that are linked to a particular test???

  • Thank u so much! Just got a new Tab, and this review helped me find just the right apps! Very grateful indeed!

  • Best android apps available… Still no tablet support… Stretched out display on tablet looking forward to tab display. :-)

  • Does anyone know of AUC app

  • Hi

    I need an app that is the equivilant of canquit or quitmedkit offered for iphone. Essentially I need an app that offers doctors a pharmacotherapy guidance for chantix and zyban. Any suggestions for provider focused smoking cessations apps for Android?

    Please HELP

  • This states Evernote can be used as organizational tool. This is a great app, but I have concerns on HIPAA compliance. Does Evernote have this type of program when sending data and storing on a cloud-based server? If not, how can this be used? Thx

  • can somebody give details about personal health monitoring system using android

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