Epocrates adds multi-tasking support to iOS 4 – now significantly easier to use

Epocrates latest update for iOS 4 (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad operating systems) allows for multi-tasking support, also known as “fast app switching”. If you use Epocrates consistently, this is extremely welcome news.

The app is now significantly easier to use. When you close out of the app it saves the last screen you were on – so if you have to reference that drug you just wrote a script for, you don’t have to waste time searching for it again.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out our full review of the different premium versions of Epocrates.

The following is a portion of an email Epocrates sent out today with additional features added to the update:

We’ve made substantial improvements to make the Epocrates application on iPhone® OS devices faster and easier to use. The new version will help you:

Multitask with ease. Fast app switching means you don’t have to close Epocrates if you need to perform another function [iPhone 4.0 is required to use this new feature]

Search quicker. The search bar is now more responsive to your taps, so you can start your search right away

Save time. The keyboard is hidden when browsing search results, which means you spend less time scrolling to find the information you want


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