Gyromaniac app for iPhone could help gastroenterologists when learning how to perform a colonoscopy

Gastroenterologists have some of the coolest technologies in medicine, a requirement when performing extremely delicate procedures, such as an endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). These types of procedures require a high level of spatial orientation – something honed over countless hours of practice. Even colonoscopies require a great level of spatial orientation when trying to navigate through the bowel.

A gastroenterologist fellow once jokingly told me how thankful he was for playing too many video games as a child, because it helped him learn how to perform procedures faster. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is actual truth to the statement. An app called Gyromaniac is an example of how the iPhone 4’s new gyroscope feature could actually help physicians practice spatial orientation.

Even cooler is a game Srivastava is working on called Gyromaniac (formerly called “Colonoscapade”). In it, you move your body around to make your way through a colon and other interesting interiors. It’s both disgusting and awesome. (TechCrunch)

Obviously, this game would have to be significantly customized for medical professionals to actually make sure out of it, but it shows the potential the iPhone 4 has to help medical professionals with spatial orientation practice when performing procedures.

If you want to see the Gyroscope feature explained, there is a YouTube video of Steve Jobs using the feature during the iPhone 4 keynote speech.

Source: TechCrunch : Gyromaniac


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