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Top 10 Free iPhone Medical Apps for Health care Professionals

2) Epocrates

The free version of Medscape might be ranked higher on our list, and in the App Store, but I guarantee almost every medical professional still has at least the free version of Epocrates.  My peers and I often joke about how Epocrates is the “most trusted name in Medicine” – because it’s the one app med schools and medical institutions aren’t afraid of pushing.  We recently did a full review of Epocrates.
epocrates 1 epocrates 2
The free version, called Epocrates Rx, includes: Drug interactions, Pill Identifier, Drug Info, and Medical Calculator. Surprisingly, Medscape doesn’t have a medical calculator, you would think this added functionality would be easy to do.  In our review of Epocrates, we go over all the different versions in details, along with pricing – we were definitely impressed.

Links: iMedicalApps Review, Website, iTunes
Cost: Free